Sunday, July 6, 2008

Who will be Miss Universe 2008?

Who will wear this year's Miss Universe crown?
Miss Bahamas
Miss Colombia
Miss Denmark
Miss Dominican Republic
Miss Ecuador
Miss Georgia
Miss Ghana
Miss Italy
Miss Israel
Miss Kosovo
Miss Kazakhstan
Miss Panama
Miss Philippines
Miss Puerto Rico
Miss Serbia
Miss Slovenia
Miss Spain
Miss Thailand
Miss Turkey
Miss Turkey (double image)
Miss United Kingdom
Miss U S A

Miss South Africa

Miss Venezuela

Miss Vietnam

Miss Mexico

Watching beauty contests is one of the few entertainments most people enjoy. On July 14 at Nha Trang City, Vietnam, the 57th Miss Universe will be crowned.

I have chosen 25 of the 80 candidates as my bets based only on their photos. I hope 15 of them will be chosen as semifinals. It is very hard to choose the winner or the top 5 unless you watch the competition proper.

Here are my bets in no particular order:
1. Israel
3. South Africa
4. Panama
5. USA
6. Mexico
7. Venezuela
8. Ecuador
9. Colombia
10. Kazakhstan
11. Philippines
12. Thailand
13. Vietnam
14. Puerto Rico
15. Dominican Republic
16. Bahamas
17. Slovenia
18. Serbia
19. Kosovo
20. Georgia
21. Denmark
22. UK
23. Turkey
24. Spain
25. Italy

The Best in National Costume will be chosen via online voting. With the Filipinos' support, the Philippines might win that award.

To the candidates who are not in my list, GOOD LUCK!

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