Sunday, July 20, 2008

4 Jokes for Today


Ice cream ba talaga yung inendorse ni Pacquiao sa TV ad nya na Nestle Ice Cream?
Akala ko kasi, softdrinks. Kasi, sabi nya, "Oh mga bata,
Mirinda na!"

Is it really ice cream that Pacquio (Manny) is endorsing in his TV add for Nestle Ice Cream?
I thought it is softdrinks. Because he said, " Children, Mirinda na?"

Mirinda is a variation of "miryenda" , filipino for snacks.


Pedro: Alam mo, yung pusa namin, kahit nakalagay sa lamesa at walang takip ang ulam namin, hindi kinakain!
Peter: You know, even if our viand is left uncovered on the table, our cat does nor eat it!

Juan: Maniwala ako!
John: I don't believe it!
Pedro: Totoo!
Peter: It's true!
Juan: Ano ba ang ulam nyo?
John: What is your viand?
Pedro: Asin!
Peter: Salt!
Nurse: Miss, gising na!
Nurse: Miss, wake up!

Patient: Ah, bakit?
Patient: Ah, why?

Nurse: Oras na ng pag-inom ng gamot.
Nurse: It's time for your medicine.

Patient: Anong gamot?
Patient: What kind of medicine?
Nurse: Sleeping pills.
Cup of Coffee
Erap at Starbucks.

Erap: Waiter, isang kape nga!
Erap: Waiter, one coffee please!

Waiter: Sir, decaf ho ba?
Waiter: Sir, is it decaf?

Erap: Syempre! Bobo! Lahat ng kape, de cup!
Bakit, may nakaplato ba?!

Erap: Of course! Stupid! All coffee is de-cup!
Why, is there anything on the plate?!

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