Saturday, June 21, 2008


On the first of June 2008, I need to return to my first home -the Philippines - not with great joy but with sadness. The other day, 31 May 2008 , my father expired. He had a stroke. He was DOA at the nearby hospital. We were in shock and in grief but we were relieved that he did not suffer much. Always, he told us that if the time comes, he really did not want to recover if it will bring much sufferings to the family. Nakita kasi niya yong iba naming kapitbahay na nagkaroon ng major stroke at nabuhay na parang gulay kung hindi man paralisado o hindi naging maganda ang kinahinatnan.

We are sad not much on my father's passing because we know that he is at peace with his Creator but more so on the thought that my mother will be without a partner. Four of his 6 remaining children are overseas. The only consolacion is that my mother is a strong lady.

It is sad but this is a reality that we all endure.

On behalf on my family, I would like to thank those who offer prayers, sympathy and condole with us on this painful situation.

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